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Here at Amethyst Sky we value our clients and they value us. We've been building websites and maintain long-term relationships with many clients, updating and expanding their websites as needed. While clients' communications remain confidential, we thank the clients below for permission to use their comments. Here are some of the many nice things our clients have said about us:

Alfred Memelink, Watercolour Artist, Artspace Petone Gallery's Owner:

"I have finally got around to having a play with my website and your content management system - WOW it is just FANTASTIC, it is so much simpler than I thought it would be and so straight forward.

I thought as I was playing with it how it was actually fun adjusting and working with it - working with so many other websites, it is often a work task and not always looked forward to, but working with yours makes it feel like a hobby."


Phil Dickson, artist, Wellington NZ

"I have had a website designed and serviced by Amethyst Sky this year. During the process I have enjoyed an excellent, constant and helpful service from Marie Ribeiro and her team. I believe the set up fees charged by Amethyst and the ongoing service charge by Anuko to be very reasonable. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to set up or service any website."


Jeanne-Marie Cantereau, watercolour artist, Thames NZ

"From the moment I sent an email for a quotation to this moment I have been overwhelmed by the high professionalism of the website team. They brought to me a wonderful support in every way (using the computer, my website, internet, giving me all the advice and information I needed and provided me with even more services and advice than I would have expected! Everything I have asked has been done almost instantly. I am a French born and have lived in New Zealand for 10 years. Marie provided me with fantastic support in the writing of my English text, doing a lot of proofreading, without complaint, a lot of kindness like best friends."


I think the site looks fantastic. Getting GREAT feedback about the site!!!
Thank you Marie for your tenacity in encouraging me -- to get to this point!

Jan Woolsey, Bodywork4u

"Our assessor from the Bed & Breakfast Association has commented on the professionalism and user friendliness of our site. According to her it is one of the best Bed & Breakfast sites she has seen in quite some time."

Antony Zogg, Lawlor House B&B

"Dear Marie, We would like to commend you for compiling our website in 2009 and for
the proactive and creative talents you have applied to maintaining it
for the Club."

Wellington Jazz Club

"My very good friend and former work colleague, Marie Ribeiro, is really great at setting up and designing websites, which she does for a reasonable price - check out my brother Peter Feehan's website which she built for him, and taught him how to update it himself. If you're looking to get a website started that's going to look great and which you will have lots of input into what you want, get in touch with Marie. David Feehan"

Peter Feehan's website The Piano Teacher

"God bless you and your family this Christmas, Marie. Give my regards to Nik and Inga - you are a great team making the internet available to some of us who thought we would always be on the sidelines looking on, but thanks to you we can participate."

Kevin Vincent

"I want to say a huge thank you to Inga and Marie for all their help and advice getting my web site set up. I am absolutely hopeless at anything technical and my knowledge of anything regarding computers beyond the most basic of functions is limited to say the least. However I am now able to edit my own pictures and text, change prices and post news events myself. All explained in plain language that even I can understand! The other part of their service which impresses me is the constant updating of features which continues to add interest and value to the site. I'm a small business still in my first two years so price was a huge consideration when looking at web site options. The price offered by Anuko was amazingly affordable - at first I thought it was too good to be true, surely there had to be a catch. But there wasn't, just a great service at a great price. I would highly recommend Anuko to anyone needing a website for any business."

Sharon Tyrrell

"Hello Marie and Inga,
Thank you very much for all your help and expertise in setting up our website. We are delighted with the result. We would recommend you to anyone as being very professional and helpful. The cost is extremely reasonable for such great work. It has been a great pleasure to work with you both."

Best Regards,
Helen Eisenhofer

"Marie introduced herself at a recent stone carving symposium and offered to create a website for me. My own website is something I have considered but always assumed it would be too expensive and never knew where to start. I agreed to Marie's offer and a week later she contacted me and began work. I am extremely happy with the results. Many of my friends and colleagues are very impressed. It is a very professional, interesting, and sophisticated site. Marie has gone to (and continues to go to... ) a lot of effort for me. I am very grateful and recommend Marie and her team to anyone considering their own website." - Brett Keno

"We both want to thank you for the job you've done, I think the website looks great and its a real buzz to see his artwork on the big wide web world." - Vanessa and Miles Anstey

"Thank you for setting up an absolutely stunning site. As this is my second site developed by yourselves you have again surpassed my requirements and expectations. Again Thank You to Marie/Nik/Inga." - Warren Gaylard, MOBILE SCAFFOLD

"Thanks for all your work with the website. I was very happy with how it ended up and I really appreciated all the hard work you, Inga and the team put into it. Amongst many things, I was especially impressed with the speed with which you were able to turn things around. I also feel like I've come away with a lot of really useful information about websites and marketing which is going to be very handy into the future." - Melissa Harsant

I have used Anuko and Marie of Amethyst Sky as my web designer and I was impressed by the prompt replies and speedy service provided for such an extremely reasonable price. I was more than pleased with the final result of my website design and links. Marie is helpful and pleasant and lovely to deal with as is Inga the designer. I would recommend Anuko and Amethyst Sky to people wanting a website designed and specifically built for them.

I especially suggest that Artists and Crafts People would benefit from the flair and creativity of the team at Anuko-Amethyst Sky to help promote their image and works. Other members of my family have used Anuko and Amethyst Sky for their website designs after viewing my website and upon my suggestion, all have been very satisfied with the result, process and affordability. I have no hesitation in endorsing Anuko-Amethyst Sky as a Web Design Team. - Catherine Heaps

I am grateful to Amethyst Sky Team for realising my long lasting dream to have own website. I didn't think that it can be done so Fast, Affordable and at the same time Customised, tailored to your needs and taste. Amazing result. I'm pleased with my artsite, it takes me further in my career. Also it was pleasure to work with Marie, Inga and Nik. Thanks a lot!!! - Tetyana

"The team who has created the website for the Thames Society Of Arts NZ has built us a truly superb and interesting web presence. They have gently and constructively lead us through each facet of the design and encouraged us to provide interesting pictures and script. We have been able to add such things as a roster which allows all our members to see the contribution made by our volunteers. This website has had high praise from the members and many parts of the website will be managed by ourselves. This has been a stress free and exceedingly economical way to create a new, refreshing and informative website."

Thames Society of Arts

"I am absolutely ecstatic with the website that Amethyst Sky Web Design have produced. I had done a bit of research but was not entirely sure what to expect going into this project. Marie and her team asked all the right questions and kept me involved right throughout the process. It is so valuable to have both the offshore expertise and the local face to explain your options and provide the training you need to be able to manage your site going forward. I am particularly impressed at how quickly we were able to get things up and running (4 days!) which for me means seeing the return on investment as soon as possible. I had a reasonably clear picture of what I wanted but the graphics and layout have exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend their design and hosting business to anyone looking to add a web presence to their business."

YMME Financial Planning & Domestic Mortgages Specialists

"In December 2012 Capital Performing Arts approached Marie Ribeiro regarding the designing and running of a new website. The previous one had become inoperative and needed considerable up-grading.

Marie agreed to design and set up a new website which would enable the CPA to better display, in a contemporary manner, information about coming events, previous performances and its history.

Marie created a colourful,well designed, user friendly website that conveys well the aims and activities of the CPA. It is a vast improvement of the previous website and has been received favourably by the public.

Many people have complimented the design and layout of the website and appreciate its usefulness in conveying material relevant to coming and past events.

Accordingly, we recommend her service to anyone wanting a well thought out, user-friendly website connected to a successful, international internet host."

Malcolm Shore, Capital Performing Arts

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