Anuko CMS

What Is Anuko CMS?

Anuko CMS, or Content Management Systems is a special software that allows you to create web pages and manage websites.

With this program, you can easily add, delete, or modify web pages on your site. Yes, you can do it yourself, without hiring a web designer. To use Anuko CMS you do not have to have any special skills or knowledge. You do not need to learn programming, web design, or any other complicated stuff. All you need to know is how to use a browser, how to edit texts and work with images. But even if you don't know we will teach you!

You do not need to install anything. Anuko CMS is already deployed on our web hosting server - the place where your website lives. You can manage your website using your favorite web browser.

Web Hosting Plan and Content Management System as One Solution

Anuko CMS is integrated in all our web hosting plans. When you buy web hosting from us you are buying it with content management system. This arrangement is ideal for a small business website or a blog.

Simple, Easy Maintenance

Create and manage content quickly and easily. There is no need to manually create and upload pages. You work with your content in your favorite browser and see your changes instantly.

Creating content is as easy as typing text with occasional easy to understand and easy to remember formattingtags. When you want to edit your website just click the "Login" (or "Edit") link in the lower-left hand corner of the website.

Integrated Photo Galleries

Anuko CMS has integrated photo galleries. You can declare any page to be a photo gallery. Upload your photos to a designated folder in "My Images" and they will be automatically organized in a photo gallery.

Integrated Ecommerce

Anuko Content Management System includes ecommerce. With Anuko CMS it is very easy to start selling online as we do not require you to open and pay for a merchant account. We provide you with a complete, turn-key, and easy to use ecommerce system. In other words:
  • You can start selling online quickly and easily.
  • No significant investment is required. All you need to have is a website and a web hosting plan with us.
  • No need to pay for a merchant account.
  • We help you to set up and test your electronic store.


You can easily write a blog with Anuko CMS. The system has the blogging feature built-in.

Instant Productivity Improvement for Website Management

Anuko CMS is easy to use and learn. It offers useful and convenient features, and provides a user-friendly, efficient, and powerful content management system that save you time and boost productivity.

No Need to Know HTML or CSS

With Anuko CMS you don't need to know cryptic web programming languages to create or maintain your web site - Anuko CMS makes it easy and does the technical stuff for you. If you know how to type and use a web browser you will be able to create an attractive and professional web site right away – no other skills are required. No HTML, CSS, or other complex technical knowledge is required. Anuko CMS makes the task of creating and maintaining your web site content extremely easy. If you do know HTML, you can use it too!

Graphics and Images

Images in all popular formats including .jpg, .gif, and .png are supported. You can fill your pages with pictures or photographs to make them more appealing.

Complex Sites Okay

Anuko Content Management System allows you to create complex sites with unlimited number of pages, directories, and navigational menus.

Integrated Search

Websites under Anuko CMS control have integrated search capability, which works for all your content.

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