When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade

My mid-winter greetings to you all. I couldn’t resist including this photo of my fledgling lemon tree, complete with raindrops.

Some Trivia: While taking this photo the saying “When life hands you lemons, make Lemonade” came to mind, so I simply had to look it up – turns out it wasn’t so easy to find the origin of this phrase on the Internet. Best I got is that it was popularised by Dale Carnegie who used this phrase in the last of his six books, "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living", published in 1948. Had to laugh when I came across "Lemons are most valuable in sickness and in health." What vows does that remind you of? Anyway we owe it to the humble lemon for its many medicinal properties to tide us through the winter. Lemon meringue pie anyone? My scrumptious recipe is available on request.

In my last newsletter we welcomed some of our new customers, now you can enjoy Jacky Pearson's amazing watercolours online!

Jacky Pearson’s & Alfred Memelink's work will be displayed in a group exhibition "Artists' Favourite Paintings" which previews on Sunday 14th of August at Ngaio Fine Arts Gallery in Wellington. The exhibition runs from the 15th to 27th August 2011 – a real mid winter treat to warm the cockles of your heart!

And if you are in Auckland on Saturday 27th August 27 you will be able to see the sublimely beautiful sculptures in bronze, marble and cast glass by Anna Korver at ART BY THE SEA Gallery in Devonport.

We continue to feel privileged to be of service to so many lovely and talented people. More new customers will be welcomed in my next newsletter.

Our Calendar feature has been changed

After many requests, we changed the way the calendar displays. When the page loads, the entry closest to the current date shows. Links under the calendar are displayed in chronological order.

Read more on how to use your calendar: http://amethyst.net.nz/faq/blogging.htm

5 Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks Instantly

In the search engine world, the number of back links is an important indication of the popularity and ranking of a website. Quality links not only increase traffic to your site, but benefit a site’s ranking and position on Google as well. Links swap is an example of backlink. We encourage you to continue to actively seek out other sites and ask them if they would exchange links with you.

Finding old quality sites to swap links with can be a daunting task. But the good news, particularly if you are a “newbie” who is just starting to market your website, is that there are some quality sites that are highly trusted by search engines and can help increase traffic to your website which you can get back links from instantly and for free.

www.aboutus.org - AboutUs guide to Internet marketing
  • After making your site’s profile you can email them to request do-follow links to be allowed on your page.
  • Anchor text for your keywords are allowed.
  • Fast crawl rates.

http://pinterest.com- Pinterest virtual pinboard
Pinterest is a new-ish, fun, easy-to-use and quickly growing free social internet sharing platform. It lets people “pin” their favorite photos or eye-grabbing images from the web to share with readers. Pinterest pins are linked back to the original source. Also your profile on Pinterest includes an image of you and links to you elsewhere on the web.

Start digging! Digg is one of the biggest and most popular social bookmarking sites around. Allows no-follow anchor text link.

  • Allows no-follow anchor text link on your profile.
  • You can choose desired keywords.
  • Fast signing up and making your profile.

  • Do-follow attributed links.
  • Allows keywords as anchor texts.
  • Can place as many links as you like.
  • Overall task takes 2 -3 minutes.

  • Do-follow Anchor text link pointing to your site.
  • Fast crawl rates.
  • You can make a Squidoo Lensmaster page in just 2 minutes! Just fill in the necessary details and you can then include an anchor text link to your site using your preferred keyword through the bio section.

The important thing to remember is: DO MAKE YOUR LINKS LOOK VALUABLE, not just for the search engines, but to REAL PEOPLE as well. Make sure the description you use for your site’s links are powerful and confident, but always remember that QUALITY CONTENT always wins the search engine game. More on external and internal links

Choosing a Website Address

Lastly but not leastly, when thinking up a domain name (website address) for their new website, someone said: "You will get higher up on the hit list if you have a name starting with A." This is not correct. Search engine ranking has nothing to do with the alphabet the name of a website starts with. But it does help to choose a domain name that reflects your product/service, and choose a name that is short and easy to remember.

The ranking of a website on the WWW depends on lots of factors, for example:
  • relevant words related to your business (even in the file names of images/photos)
  • relevant links, preferably from bigger and more powerful sites than your own
  • fresh content (update your website often so Google and other search engines are alerted that you are alive and kicking)

Google and other search engines do not give anybody a Number 1 ranking - they have to be fair to everyone. The popularity of a website depends on relevant text, links to relevant sites, fresh content with regular updates, news and blogs, and is in the hands of the site owners to ensure they do all things needed to drive traffic/visitors/customers to their website (much like a physical shop). Think of the Internet as a giant beehive library in Space that is both automated and humanly powered and the search engines as the worker bees that file and index the honey (information) that is fed to it then throws it up when a search is triggered. So the more info you feed to it, the more it can work with to throw your site up as a hit when someone types in a "search" - therefore the WORDS you use are very important as people type WORDS or "text" when they instigate a search on the WWW. Read more on choosing domain name.

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Marie Ribeiro & team
August, 2011

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