Web Hosting FAQ

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service to keep your website available on the Internet. If you have a website it lives on some web host, which is a computer system that serves your pages to website visitors. Usually you pay either a monthly or yearly fee for such service to a web hosting provider.

How much does web hosting cost?

We have created a special page that describes all our web hosting plans. You can look at it here. The price you pay depends on the features included in your web hosting package.

How can I launch my own website?

With us it's very easy to start a website. Here is how:
  1. Subscribe to a web hosting plan.
  2. Have a website created for one-time charge. Contact us for a free quote!

What is included in your web hosting plans?

The features depend on your web hosting plan. Typically, a web hosting plan includes:
  • A content management system that allows you to modify content easily, without technical knowledge, by simply working with texts and images.
  • A free domain name.
  • Integrated ecommerce.
  • A space required to keep files for your website.
  • Unlimited traffic.
  • Mailboxes, depending on your plan.

What is not included in your web hosting plans?

We specialize in creating beautiful, innovative websites for small businesses, artists, crafters, musicians, that will create a better experience for your visitors and put you way ahead of the competition. Whether you’re looking to build a small business website, blog, personal homepage, Anuko makes it easy and affordable.

To accomplish this goal, we have created a proprietary content management system that is used in most websites that we host. This web-based system has many great features. You interact with it via your web browser, by simply working with texts and images. All technical details are hidden from you.

Things beyond website and mailbox management are not supported in our standard web hosting plans. It does not mean that you cannot ask for more advanced features. You can. Whether you are looking for additional features in your web hosting package or a custom-made website we can arrange one for you. All custom requests are paid for by the hours required to complete your project. Contact us to request rates and additional information.

I'd like to sell online. Can I do this with your web hosting?

Absolutely. We offer web hosting together with a content management system that includes ecommerce. With Anuko it is very easy to start selling online as we do not require you to open and pay for a merchant account. We provide you with a complete, turn-key, and easy to use ecommerce system. In other words:
  • You can start selling online quickly and easily.
  • No significant investment is required. All you need to have is a website and a web hosting plan with us.
  • No need to pay for a merchant account.
  • We help you to set up and test your electronic store.

My credit card expired. How can I provide another credit card for my web hosting payments?

We process subscriptions for web hosting payments either via RBS WorldPay or via PayPal. If you need to change your credit card you need to do so at their sites. If you subscribed via RBS WorldPay read this document how to change your credit card details. If you subscribed via PayPal login to your PayPal account at http://paypal.com to change your credit card or other details. Contact us if you need additional help.

What is the limit on traffic?

We are offering all our web hosting plans without any limitations on traffic.

What about reliability and availability of my website?

High reliability and availability of all websites hosted by us are achieved by hosting all websites on finely tuned, powerful, dedicated servers in several, geographically separated data centers with properly configured backups and alternate power sources. We backup data daily between data centers. This allows us to restore all websites quickly in a very unlikely situation when a complete loss of any particular data center occurs.

Can I have a mailbox or mailbox redirect with a web hosting plan?

Yes, we can configure a mailbox for your domain. Mailbox services offered through us are offered with a very effective spam protection. Your mailbox can be configured in 3 ways: either 1) as redirect to your existing mailbox, 2) with direct access via a web browser, or 3) via a popular mail client program.

Mail redirect. With this option all mail coming to your domain mailbox will be redirected to your other, already existing email mailbox.

Access to mailbox via browser. With this option you will be given a web link, login, and password to work with your email. In other words, you use a browser to access your mailbox.

Connecting to mailbox with a mail program. You can configure some mail programs to connect to your mailbox. It can be done via POP or IMAP protocols. The list of such programs includes Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail for desktops and also mail programs for wireless devices such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and SnapperMail.

I already own a domain name. What steps do I take to host my website with you?

The following procedure describes how to host your website with us.
  1. Buy a web hosting plan.
  2. Contact us and let us know which domain you want to host with us. We will send you instructions how to configure your domain record. Basically, all you need to do is to specify our DNS servers for your domain. Our primary DNS server is ns1.anuko.com, and the secondary DNS server is ns2.anuko.com. In most cases the company that sold you the domain name will be able to do this for you.
  3. Wait until we configure our DNS servers with your domain information and contact you.

I already have a website and a hosting service. What steps do I take to switch to Anuko?

The following procedure describes how to host your website with Anuko.
  1. Contact us to confirm that we can host your website and determine the cost.
  2. Make a copy of your existing content.
  3. Subscribe to a web hosting plan.
  4. Wait until we configure your new site and migrate your content.

After your website migration to Anuko is done you may wish to terminate your older web hosting plan.

Do you host adult or gambling websites?

No. We do not host such websites. Here is a list of websites that we will not host:
  • Adult oriented.
  • Gambling or related to gambling or lotteries.
  • Warez, software or music piracy.
  • Any websites that do not obey international copyright laws.
  • Websites that can be considered unlawful.
  • Any other websites that we are not comfortable with.

I don't have my own domain name. What steps do I take to host my website with you?

With Amethyst Sky & Anuko it's very easy to start a website. Here is how:
  1. Choose a web hosting plan.
  2. Have a website created for a small one-time charge. Contact us for a free quote!

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